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Bambouseraie dans le Gard

The bamboo grove

The bamboo grove

Neither trees nor shrubs, bamboos are grasses!

The bamboos have various sizes, colors, and diameters but all are built according to the same architecture:

an underground part which includes the stems called “rhizomes”, they supply the bamboo with water and nutrients necessary for its growth.
an aerial part that can reach 40 meters high and about 30 centimeters in diameter for a giant bamboo.

A creation inspired by the traditional art of the Japanese garden

Influenced by the traditional art of Japanese and Zen gardening, Erik Borja, a landscape designer teaching in the Drôme, applies here the main codes adapted to the environment and climate of the Cevennes. The banks of the valley, lined with rocks, are planted with flamboyantly colored Japanese maples, cloud-cut conifers, and dwarf bamboo.

The Dragon’s Breath, which is drawn by a miniature pond, is spanned by the Red Phoenix Pavilion built in Japanese style. From this pavilion you can admire a beautiful perspective on the marriage of aquatic, mineral and vegetal elements. The rustling of the leaves, the crackling of the water, the shadows and reflections of nature make it a unique place of meditation.

A must see!!! I recommend it