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Following, importants points


In case of cancellation more than 60 days before arrival date, the half of the account ‘ll be restitued

Less than 60 days before arrival date, your account won’t be restitued. Files costs ‘ll never be return.

You can subscribe an insurance which could be used in case of

Illness, accident or death of each person notified on the contract or for a parent, a layoff, a transfer, a modification of holidays, a traffic accident or vehicle theft 30 days before the stay.

You can ask for generals conditions to know exacts details.

In case of earlier departure, no restitution could be done whatever the reason


Campers must keep silence in the campsite : no noise, noisy activities, singing or discussions which may disturb neighboors peacefulness.

Using sound equipments (radio, televisions) should not be heard out of your location.

Car doors and safe doors should be closed as discreet as possible

Total silent from 11 PM to 7.30 AM, everybody must respect sleeping and quietness duty of neighboors


Pets are allowed in the campsite, if their owner can produce a vaccination certificate (rabies) in validity and if the owners pay the dues.

Owners are responsible for damage or accidents caused by their pets ( Dangerous dogs are not allowed)

Pets must be keep on a lead (as well as near tents / caravan)

Pets must go outside the campsite to do their business

Pets mustn’t be in the wild or alone in the campsite, ever fastened or in their car, mobil-home or caravan during their owner absence,  who are civilly responsible.

Pets are not allowed on games place, and in sanitary.